What is XGS and XGS-DOS ?

This is an Apple IIGS emulator originally written by Joshua M. Thompson for X-Window. It has now been ported to DOS ans is therefore named "XGS-DOS".

And why XGS-DOS isn’t updated for a while ?

As everyone can notice, there are no any changes into XGS-DOS since 1998... I’m aware that XGS-DOS needs improvments, especially in terms of stability. I’d prefer to wait a major upgrade of the XGS base, but unfortunately Joshua Thompson hasn’t worked into a long time. I attempted to email him (around in 2000) concerning the future of XGS. He simply replied in these terms : "At the moment XGS is on the back burner for me, mostly due to lack of interest on my part. I still have a copy of the source though and I do think about finishing it from time to time."

And for myself, I’ve switched from PC to MacOS world, after a very bad hard disk crash, and also due to the decline of OS/2 Warp... I’m now enjoying with "KEGS-OSX" and "Bernie ][ The Rescue", but I will not give up XGS-DOS as I can continue to develop it. But as long as a newer major version of XGS will be available, but who knows........

XGS-XFREEOS/2 is no longer supported. This is because I haven’t received any feedback for this version and I don’t use OS/2 anymore. Anyway, everybody should compile very easily XGS with XFREEOS/2.